Twentieth season for Christian Sepcha, manager of the LocaSport store at Mont Dore!

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Christian Sepcha is the manager of LocaSport. If you are a regular customer, you probably already know him, because he is almost always present in the store throughout the season.

A position of manager that he masters with some experience since it is the twentieth season that will start.

A season that begins well before the arrival of the first customers in the store! In the fall, it's time for small jobs and repairs to rental equipment. It is also the timing to finalize the team of skiman who will be present at his side during the winter.

Very soon, another highlight of the season will begin, that of the arrival of the equipment ordered at the show in March (from the previous season 2018/2019).

It was during this show that the photo of this article was taken, on the stand of the webmaster of this site.

See you soon !
The LocaSport team

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