Answers to frequently asked questions by our customers

How to obtain more information about the ski shop?
  • Visit the first step of the booking process to learn all about the geographical location, dates and opening hours, payment methods, languages, proposed brands...
  • See our legal notice (available at the bottom of each page) to learn more about the Publisher of the site.
  • See our terms and conditions to learn more about our company and our booking terms.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, see contact.
At what point does make sense to pick up my equipment?
You can pick up your equipment the day before from 16:00.

Try to avoid rush hours, including Saturday between 16:00 and 6: 30 P.m. during the school holidays. Check with the store in the event of scheduling for these periods.

Do not hesitate to contact the ski shop for more information.
Can I book at the last minute?
If the reservation can be made on site, our company will make every effort to honor him.
However, the rental price is subject to change at any time. Only a completed reservation guarantees to benefit from a price set.
Is the Internet price is valid if I go spontaneously in the ski shop?
No, the Internet price is valid only for Internet bookings.
Why can I not enter my période of rental?
You have a problem during the selection of the période of rental in the step 2 of your booking, go to the home page of the site and fill in the fields in the "Book online" feature.
If you still can not book, because no calendar day can be selected, the ski shop is certainly closed during this period.
Another possibility, the site is perhaps not yet configured, come back later in order to proceed with your booking.

If you still have a problem, contact us.
Are the sticks included in the price of the pack?
If you book a "ski" type product, the sticks are included.
Is it possible to add an "guarantee" option on rent equipment?
The possibility to subscribe to an warranty option equipment depends on the ski shop and the chosen material. This option is displayed in the step 3 from your reservation on each item that can be added to your basket now.
Is it possible to change equipment during my stay?
The possibility to subscribe to an option "multi-ride" depends on the ski shop and the chosen products. This option is displayed in the step 3 from your reservation on each item that can be added to your basket now.
In which case opt for the option "helmet"?
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. This option is displayed in the step 3 from your reservation on each pack that can be added to your basket now.
How to complete the 'Size' field for the "helmet" option?
Using a meter walk around the head at the widest point. Enter the value in CM. It is impossible to know this information, fill in the field with an approximate value (50 for a small head, 55 for a medium head, 60 for a big head).
Is my booking customization required?
The required customization fields are indicated by the presence of a *. The required fields are essential to the preparation of your booking.
How long my basket is it saved?
Your shopping cart is stored by your browser for a period of 30 days. You can remove it at any time with the feature "covering my tracks" / "clear recent history" of your browser.
I can't validate my shopping cart, how?
  • Check that you have completed all customization required fields for products and their options. Also check the box corresponding to the acceptance of the General conditions.
  • All the products from your shopping cart must be saved to validate your booking.
  • Try refreshing the page with the F5 key on your keyboard or by clicking on the following link: step 4.
If you still have a problem, contact us.
Is the payment process secure?
Settlements are made on the Payline By MONEXT payment module. This procedure is fully encrypted and secured by the HTTPS protocol.
For information, we will not have access to your banking information, which is entered only on the MONEXT website.
Should I receive a confirmation e-mail?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your summary of booking in attached file. Take this summary when you pick up equipments in ski shop.

You have not received this email, several possibilities:

The e-mail arrived in your spam, just check your spam.
Your email address has changed or is incorrect, Please contact us.
Cannot paid with the payment module, how to do?
Sometimes the Payline By MONEXT payment platform is temporarily in maintenance. We advise you to wait a few hours to make another attempt. If the problem persists, try with another card or contact us.
Where the reviews comes form?
A few days after the end of your rental, an e-mail sent automatically invite you to give us your feedback on our service. If you are not satisfied with your rental, your comment is sent to our company.
Why does my comment does appear on the site?
Comments are moderated by our team before publishing. This step can last 24 to 48 h. Make sure you do not have inserted inappropriate vocabulary.
I have not received the email that invites me to drop my comment, how?
It is possible that the e-mail arrived in your spam, or that your email address has changed. Contact us so that we can verify your details and again send you e-mail.


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